About Substitute Employment

Summit ESC is proud to partner with Renhill Group to provide substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, aides and attendants for our partner districts and ESC programs. All substitutes will be hired by Renhill Group, however all onboarding will take place at Summit ESC. 

As a service to the school districts in Summit County, the Summit Educational Service Center (ESC) onboards substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, aides and attendants who have completed the required training and application process. Those chosen to sub in districts that are not part of our Renhill Group partnerships will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork to become a substitute in said district. Summit ESC simply vets substitutes for those districts. 

To be included on either substitute list, every individual who is new to substituting through the Summit ESC must meet several requirements in the completion of the application process, regardless of experience and licensure type. Requirements are as follows:
  • Completed AppliTrack application
  • Successful completion of BCI/FBI background checks. Please note that we can accept BCI/FBI results completed in the last 365 days. See the Background Checks tab for more information. 
  • Valid Ohio Department of Education teaching license, educational aide permit or substitute teaching license. Please visit education.ohio.gov for more information. 
  • In-person meeting at Summit ESC (please note, you will need to schedule this appointment once you have successfully completed all above steps).  

Once you have successfully completed the AppliTrack application, please contact us at 330-945-5600 to schedule an in-person meeting at Summit ESC to complete the process. 

For more information, please contact us at 330-945-5600. 

The Summit Educational Service Center provides equal opportunity, equal educational opportunities and equal employment opportunities to all people regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disability.
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