ACT PD-Moving from Static to Dynamic Data & Making the Most of ACT Resources - A.M. Session
ACT PD-Moving from Static to Dynamic Data & Making the Most of ACT Resources - A.M. Session
Contact: Sally Gibson - [email protected]
Event Date: 12/1/2021
Location: Room 17/19
Registration Starts: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Registration Ends: Friday, November 26, 2021

Moving from Static to Dynamic Data (morning 9-11:30)
Data reports from ACT can be overwhelming – until you know what to do with them.  Then they become a catalyst to help students reach new levels of achievement.
The School and District Profile Reports have been view widely by educators for years; however, they are simply a “snapshot” of your students’ performance and do not provide the most recent student data available.  The online reporting system provides access to all student testing results (national, district and state-funded) for four full years, with the fifth year currently under way.  The tool offers the ability to create customized reports using features such as filtering, visualizations, and spreadsheets whether you are interested in establishing baselines or identifying learning gaps – the data is actionable.  Examples of utilization for everyday use will be shared during the demo portion of the morning meeting.  You are encouraged to bring your own device and follow along accessing your own school’s data. 
Making the Most of ACT Educator, Student and Parent 
Resources (Morning 9-11:30)
What ACT resources and solutions are you currently taking advantage of?  There are a number of opportunities you can access that are free or low cost to help ensure that your students progress on their pathway to educational and career success.  No need to reinvent the wheel - learn more about helpful resources such as a curriculum and assessment planning tool, subject test blueprints and options for remediation, preparation, student recognition, and parent engagement.

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