Professional. Proactive. Partners.

Summit County Staff


Summit ESC is comprised of top professionals in the education industry who are dedicated to providing your district with the resources and services it needs. We are committed to offering you many opportunities to participate in valuable professional development trainings and workshops that will help you deliver the most outstanding educational experience possible to your students.

Having extensive knowledge and experience in curriculum, educational leadership and state and federal mandates, our talented professionals collaborate with you to achieve your district’s goals.


Summit ESC actively strives to explore the possibilities of the education industry’s latest curriculum, technology and legislative trends. Our mission is to prioritize and fulfill your district’s needs, while looking ahead to ensure you have the resources you need to serve as a leader in the educational world.


The Summit ESC team is always here for you. We are your reliable, trusted partner for all of your educational needs. We will collaborate and innovate with you so that your district, administration, staff and students have the resources and solutions they need to continue to grow.


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