Pupil Services

Our Mission:

The Pupil Services Department is dedicated to offering a diverse range of services to school districts across Northeast Ohio. By providing essential resources such as special education, school psychologists, and intervention specialists, we assist districts in fulfilling the educational needs of their students. 

Our Vision:

In pursuit of our mission, we aspire to act as a beacon of support and expertise. By ensuring staff development and promoting research-based practices, we aim to uphold the high standards set by Ohio’s educational guidelines and to always accommodate district and student needs.

Our Goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive range of services, from school psychological assessments to specialized therapy and counseling.
  • Offer consistent staff development opportunities for educators and district leaders, aligned with Ohio's educational standards.
  • Serve as the liaison between local school districts and state education departments.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:
Brooke Pillets
Brooke Pillets
Director of Pupil Services
Office: 330-945-5600 x 513917

Student Services Staff:

RyAnn Heller
RyAnn Heller
Speech/Language Pathologist
Jessica Hoefler
Jessica Hoefler Au.D., CCC-A
Educational Audiologist
Meribeth Pannitto
Meribeth Pannitto
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Carrie Spangler
Carrie Spangler Au.D., CCC-A
Educational Audiologist
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas Au.D., CCC-A
Educational Audiologist
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