School Leadership Search Services

Let us help you find the right leader(s) for your school district!

Summit ESC’s School Leadership Search Service is custom designed for your educational professional search.

Whether you’re looking for a Superintendent, Treasurer, or Administrator, our several-step process:

  1. Works thoroughly with your Board of Education — there is a direct correlation between the Board’s level of involvement and your success in making a selection to fill the needed position.
  2. Includes custom options for staff and community engagement.
  3. Collaborates with district leadership and/or your Human Resources Department.
  4. Is rooted in expertise — led by SESC Superintendent Joseph Iacano, SESC Leadership Consultant Dr. Christina Dinklocker, SESC Director of Administrative Services Jeffery Ferguson, and SESC Director of Human Resources Robert Wolf … all of whom have been district Superintendents and are networked with many professional leadership organizations throughout Ohio.
Our goal is not to find the best candidate for you — rather, it’s to find the candidate that best fits the needs and desires of your school district with you.

We count it a privilege to partner with you to find the right person for the right job.

If you would like more information about our services and how we can make your search smooth and seamless, simply fill out the form below or call Joe Iacano, Superintendent, at (330) 945-5600 x 513910. Thank you!

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“We have been fortunate to work with Summit ESC on our leadership search. [The consultants] possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. The search process was extensive and well-planned … their knowledge as former Superintendents and skills as facilitators made them the perfect partners for this daunting task.”
—Norton Board of Education (Superintendent search)

“I am very grateful for the support and guidance given to us at Springfield with the Superintendent search. Thank you for your professional and comprehensive manner and the open and relaxed approach to what could have been a stressful process.”
—Cynthia C. Frola, Board Member
Springfield Local Schools (Superintendent search)

“Fantastic job … we enjoyed the process and the support. The Board was beyond happy! We are happy with who we found and the vetting process you provided.”
—Todd Osborn, Superintendent
Chippewa Local Schools (Treasurer search)
Jospeh Iacano
Joseph Iacano
(330) 945-5600 x513910
Jeff Ferguson
Jeff Ferguson
Director of Administrative Services
(330) 945-5600 x513918
Dr. Tina Dinklocker
Dr. Tina Dinklocker
Leadership Services
(330) 945-5600 x513925
Bob Wolf
Bob Wolf
Director of Human Resources
(330) 945-5600 x513913
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