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Our team at the Summit ESC manages a facility with a large event space and five smaller training rooms. The spaces are here to serve the needs of our affiliated districts and partners. Our goal is to provide you with a convenient and welcoming facility. We believe our first-class facility combined with our welcoming support staff will create conditions for your success.

In order to meet your needs, we have upgraded our meetings rooms to be able to facilitate in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings (via Zoom, Google Meet, and/or Microsoft Teams)

Each of our meeting rooms are equipped with...
  • laser projectors (HDMI, USB-C, and VGA connections)
  • high-resolution cameras
  • ceiling-mounted speakers
  • ceiling-mounted room microphones
  • a robust Wi-Fi connection
Lavalier and handheld microphones are available in our larger meeting spaces.
*If your device uses a connection other than the ones provided, please be sure to bring your own adapter.

Programs We Support

Emergency Preparedness -
Do you know what to do if an emergency happens near your home? At Work? Any place you might be? Be prepared for and emergency at home and at work.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:

Jeff Ferguson
Jeff Ferguson
Director of Administrative Services & Wellness Initiatives
Office: 330-945-5600 x 513918

Administrative Services Staff

Tara Glenny
Tara Glenny
Tom Jansen
Tom Jansen
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