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This Help Desk is for the staff of the Summit Educational Service Center, SST8, Summit Preschool, and KIDS FIRST/TOPS.
Login below to see alerts related to the status of Summit ESC services. The Status Board at the top of your Dashboard may indicate any known issues with online services like internet, phone, or ProgressBooks.

Login Instructions
  • Staff can login with their Google accounts.

Submit a Support Ticket
Once you have logged in, you can submit a support ticket to report an issue with your equipment or other Summit ESC service. There are multiple ways to submit a ticket. Use any of the steps listed below to help get you started:
  1. Click the blue "+ New Ticket" button within the blue navigation banner at the top of the Incident IQ screen.
  2. Click the blue "+ New Ticket" button within the My Recent Tickets panel of the Dashboard.
  3. The "Quick Tickets" panel on the dashboard allows you to quickly begin a support ticket with devices and services assigned to you. If you are having an issue with any of the items listed here, click the appropriate icon and Incident IQ will begin a new ticket for that item.
  4. Alternatively, you can navigate to your My Profile or My Assests from the Profile Icon at the top right corner of the screen to open a new ticket.

How to Fill Out a Ticket
Once you have started a ticket, fill out the prompts on the following screens:
  1. What is this ticket about? - Select the category your issue falls under.
  2. Which asset is this related to? - Assets assigned to you in the system should appear at the top of the list. Otherwise, select the type of device or hardware that the issue applies to (select Other if it is not listed).
  3. Select an issue category - click the option that most closely relates to the issue you are having with the asset (select Other Issues/Issue not Listed if it is not listed).
  4. Describe your issue - This screen gives you the option to describe the specifics of the issue and any important details that may help. Such as troubleshooting steps you may have already tried or how long the issue has been occurring. You can also attach pictures or record a video for troubleshooting and documentation purposes on this screen.
  5. When you have finished the above steps, click the blue "Submit Ticket" button at the bottom of the screen. A green confirmation message will pop up and show you your support ticket number for your own reference. You can also select the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the page during any of the above steps to discard the ticket.

Looking for more information on how to use your Indicent IQ dashboard such as adding favorites or rearranging the dashboard layout? Try using their Help Website to easily search for simple and easy to follow instructions on many different features Incident IQ offers.
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