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The Summit Preschool is a partnership with families, districts, and communities that creates a lifetime of learning through meaningful play experiences, creative thinking, and problem-solving opportunities to build a foundation essential to the unique development of each and every child.

About the Summit Preschool
Preschool programs are offered to children at an economic disadvantage or educational risk, children typically developing, and children with disabilities. This includes an integrated setting where functional, developmentally appropriate activities are developed to facilitate growth in each child. 70+ professionals serve over 600 families in eleven school districts, including speech-language pathologists and a full range of instructional and support services.

Peer Application / Waiting List 

You may use the link below to be added to the peer waiting list.  After submitting the form, someone from the preschool office will contact you when we have an available spot.  

Please note, that this is not the registration form, but the information you provide will help us when we contact you about the peer screening process. 

Click here to complete the Peer Application and get on the waiting list.

Typical Preschool Screening 
Preschool screening is required for all children being considered for placement. A screening is held in the early spring, for enrollment beginning the following school year. Sometimes additional screenings can be held if additional spots become available. 

Children must turn 3 years old before the first day of the school year and be reliably toilet trained in order to attend. A child may not be reliably toilet-trained by the screening date, but the Preschool Team reserves the right to delay or revoke enrollment if the child is not reliably toilet-trained by the first day of class. 
Also, children must reside in the school district which they wish to attend.  

Limited spaces are available for typically developing children. Children being considered for enrollment as typical peers must display age-appropriate speech and language skills, good behavior and social skills, and must be reliably toilet trained. 

Special Needs 
If you have developmental concerns and suspect a disability, please contact 
Melissa Marino  

If you are moving into one of our school districts and your child is already on an IEP please contact Meribeth Pannitto

First Start Program
The First Start preschool classroom is designed to meet the needs of children requiring concentration in academic, social-emotional, communication, and/or behavioral intervention.

TALK Program
TALK is an auditory-oral preschool classroom where children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk. This is a unique educational program in Summit County and an option for families who have chosen spoken language as the primary means of communication for their child.

Itinerant Services
Summit ESC’s Early Childhood Itinerant Services include any form of specially designed instruction provided by an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (ECIS) or related service provider. Itinerant services are provided in the setting where the child or the child and parent(s) is located, as opposed to providing services at a centralized location that is geared toward serving students with disabilities.

School Closings and Delays
District Closing or Delay information will be posted on NewsNet5.com

ORC 3313.671 has been amended to require that kindergartners must be vaccinated against varicella (chicken pox) disease.

In order to be considered valid, the varicella vaccine must have been administered on or after the child's first birthday. In addition, the law states that, "A pupil who has had natural chicken pox, and presents a signed statement from the pupil's parent, guardian, or physician to that effect, is not required to be immunized against chicken pox".

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If you have any questions about our services, please contact: 

Kim Meeker
Kim Meeker
Student Services Coordinator
Office: 330-945-5600 x 511244
Kristen Nowak
Kristen Nowak
Student Services Coordinator
Office: 330-945-5600 x 511282
Katie Leigh
Katie Leigh
Student Services Coordinator
Office: 330-945-5600 x 513914
Alaina LaManna
Alaina LaManna
Office: 330-945-5600 x 511259

Preschool Staff:

Director of Pupil Services :
Brooke Pillets

Kim Meeker
Kristen Nowak
Katie Leigh
Director's Secretary:
Alaina LaManna

Speech/Language Pathologist:
Anita Michael
Anna Debevec
Cynthia Cantwell
Emily Kuzilla
Emily Venneri
Heather Edwards
Jamie King
Jamie Pavloff
Jean Monateri
Katie Calnon
Kayla Gustaffson
Lauren Greenlief
Lori Dailey
Marci Minick
Melissa Marino
RyAnn Heller
Sara Rossman
Stephanie Shorie
Stephanie Sumner

School Psychologist:
Mandy Dudiwka 
Dr. Beth Goodman
Elizabeth Tedrick 
Cara Picciano
Maria Perusek
Madisson Sharpe

School Nurse:
Kathleen Colesi

Preschool Sites:

  • Copley-Fairlawn
  • Coventry
  • Cuyahoga Falls
  • Field Local
  • Manchester
  • Mogadore
  • Nordonia Hills
  • Rootstown
  • Southeast
  • Tallmadge
  • Woodridge
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