Summit ESC receives High-Performing ESC Designation

Summit Educational Service Center has proudly earned the prestigious High-Performing ESC designation for the 2023 fiscal year from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. This notable recognition is a testament to Summit ESC’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service and substantial cost savings to school districts.

To be designated as a High-Performing Educational Service Center, an ESC must demonstrate a minimum of 5% total cost savings across five core service areas for its client districts. This benchmark compares the cost of services if provided by the district or another third-party provider. Summit ESC has met this benchmark and exceeded it significantly, aligning with the state average of a remarkable 40% savings in 2023.

The evaluation criteria set by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce included an in-depth analysis of the total percentage of cost savings generated by each ESC. Summit ESC’s achievement in this area highlights its efficiency and effectiveness in providing primary services at competitive prices.

Summit ESC’s accomplishment as a High-Performing ESC reflects its commitment to excellence and its role as a pivotal contributor to the advancement of education in Ohio.

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