Increasing Student Care with the addition of Kim Labriola and Chelsea Massaro to our Wellness Department

Summit ESC is pleased to announce the expansion of the Wellness Department. Kim Labriola and Chelsea Massaro have joined our team to provide their expertise to the districts we serve.

Kim Labriola (M.Ed) – Community and Family Partnership Liaison

As Summit ESC’s Community and Family Partnership Liason, Kim Labriola will be assisting vulnerable youth – those in foster care, who are homeless, those who are disabled, etc. – in finding the resources they need to improve their quality of life and thrive in their career as a student. 

Before joining Summit ESC, Kim spent 22 years working for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABH). Kim’s experience as a case manager, an Early Childhood Consultant, and Early Childhood Program Manage has equipped her with the skills to connect families to programs that will develop their parenting skills and decrease their child’s behavioral concerns at home, school, and community. Kim is looking forward to linking families to the community resources they need to help develop their child’s social and academic skills.

Since working with CABH, Kim’s passion for non-profit organizations and fundraising has continued to grow. She has sat on numerous boards in Stark County to raise money for charities such as Domestic Violence Incorporated, The Canton Palace Theater, and Mercy Medical Service League for Wine, Women and Shoes. She is currently a board member of Gigi’s Playhouse which provides programming and support for people with Down syndrome.

Chelsea Massaro – Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

As Summit ESC’s BCBA, Chelsea Massaro will be developing and implementing intervention plans for families with children who experience problematic behaviors that affect their ability to succeed as a student. These treatment plans will help children with and without disabilities learn and enhance their behavior management and social skills.

Chelsea was previously a BCBA at Total Education Solutions providing in-home and clinic-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism. She supervised classroom staff and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) as they worked through treatments with students. Working with children aged 3-21 has prepared Chelsea to adequately support all of Summit ESC’s districts. “I can already tell that our districts have great teams and I am eager to work together to best benefit our students,” she notes. 

After a great day celebrating the progress that her students have made in their treatment plans, Chelsea loves experimenting in the kitchen and trying her hand at new recipes.

Kim and Chelsea have made a great impact on our districts in the short time they have been a part of the Summit ESC team and are looking forward to meeting with you soon! To learn more about our work assisting vulnerable youth, please contact Kim Labriola at [email protected]. To learn more about our effort to develop and implement intervention plans for families with children who experience problematic behaviors, please contact Chelsea Massaro at [email protected]

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