Tutor Ohio Kids (TOK): Putting Ohio Students on the Path to Success

The need for educational support for students is being recognized not only in the districts that Summit ESC serves but throughout Ohio. To continue to provide the best education to students across Ohio, Summit ESC has partnered with The ESC of Central Ohio to launch Tutor Ohio Kids (TOK). 

This statewide initiative is designed to enhance students' academic proficiency in core subjects, including reading, math, science, social studies, and language arts. The innovative program will not only enrich the learning experience for students but also offer meaningful opportunities for those seeking to make a difference as tutors.

Summit ESC is looking forward to bringing this opportunity to area districts in preparation for the incoming school year to provide additional, tailored support to students. The new program will provide tutoring and remedial education services to students in participating public and chartered nonpublic schools. ESC of Central Ohio will be employing tutors to place them in schools on an as-needed basis, wherever they may be needed.

Tutors come from diverse backgrounds such as licensed teachers, substitutes, and those meeting the state Superintendent's standards, and are vetted and onboarded by the ESC of Central Ohio. Through this process, the unique needs and specialties of each district will be fit with the right tutors.

TOK allows schools to collaborate with the ESC of Central Ohio to design a tutoring program best suited to their specific needs. The schools maintain full control over how, when, and where tutoring sessions take place, enabling seamless integration into existing structures and routines.

By joining TOK, tutors can earn extra income or opt to volunteer, all while enjoying a flexible schedule to balance their tutoring commitments with other responsibilities. 

There are only a few prerequisites that all tutors must meet to join TOK:

  • Is 18 years of age or older, 

  • Is an Ohio resident, 

  • Possesses a high school diploma or GED, 

  • and all tutors must complete a free background check and online training.

Tutor Ohio Kids represents a unique intersection of opportunity for educators and schools alike. The program offers an efficient and customizable solution to enhance student performance and learning experiences while also bridging gaps and enhancing the existing educational structure. Tutor Ohio Kids is not just about tutoring; it's about fostering a thriving educational environment in Ohio, benefiting both the tutors and the schools.

For information on how to get involved with TOK, please visit https://www.escco.org/TutorOhioKidsDistrictsSchools.aspx, or contact Susan Huth at [email protected]

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