Women's Leadership Network
Women's Leadership Network
Contact: Barb Grimes - [email protected]
Event Date: 5/13/2020
Location: Rosemont Country Club, 3777 Rosemont Blvd., Fairlawn, Ohio 44333
Registration Starts: Monday, November 11, 2019
Registration Ends: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Are you in a leadership position in a school system, legal field, private enterprise, or medical  profession?  This group is for you!  This network is designed to encourage women to pursue leadership positions by building professional and personal relationships, developing skills and capacity to lead, and creating and contributing to a scaffold of resources for current and future use.  Women who are in positions of leadership or aspire to such are encouraged to join the network.  
This month's topic: Harassment/Discrimination in the Workplace - How Do You Respond When It Happens? 

The registration window for this event is currently not available.
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