Summit ESC Crisis Team

The Summit ESC Crisis Team is a collaboration between the Summit Educational Service Center and participating school districts to provide crisis response services in the unfortunate event of a crisis (i.e. death of a student, staff member, natural disaster, etc.). While districts are typically able and expected to handle these situations on their own, we know that sometimes the demands of the event surpass the capacity of the district which is when the mutual aid support of the Summit ESC Crisis Team steps in. Other participating districts may provide licensed staff to support the affected district’s crisis response efforts using the PREPaRE model.

Additionally, staff from participating districts meet quarterly to review response plans and engage in professional development related to the most up-to-date crisis response methods.

Districts that wish to participate in the Summit ESC Crisis Team can sign a Memorandum of Understanding by contacting the Summit ESC Crisis Team Coordinator.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:
Zach Miley
Zach Miley
Wellness Initiatives Coordinator
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