Engaging Mathematical Tasks

Mathematics Tasks to Engage Students



Illustrative Mathematics 

Illustrative Mathematics is committed to creating a world where learners know, use,   and   enjoy mathematics. Find tasks for every standard including student page,   teacher notes   and sample student responses. 

Three-Act Math Tasks

Dan Meyer’s collection of tasks 
 Grades 6-12

Three-Act Lessons

Graham Fletcher’s collection of tasks (Grades K-7)
Under the Dome - Mike Wiernicki 


Robert Kaplinski's collection of his favorite tasks (Grades 2-8)

 Open Middle

Challenging Math Problems worth solving. (Grades K-12)

When Math Happens

A collection of activities for Algebra 1 and Geometry

Achieve the Core Mathematics Tasks

Tasks that illustrate the focus, coherence and rigor of the CCSS for grades K through   high school.

NRICH enriching mathematic

NRICH is a team of qualified teachers who are also practitioners in RICH mathematical thinking. This unique blend means that NRICH is ideally placed to offer advice and   support to both learners and teachers of mathematics.

Estimation 180

Building Number Sense one day at a time!

Inside Mathematics

A professional resource for teachers, coaches, and administrators passionate about   improving students’ mathematics learning and performance. Tools for understanding   Mathematical Practices including performance assessments, problems of the month   and classroom videos. This work grew out of the Noyce Foundation Silicon Valley   Mathematics Initiative.

Mathematics Assessment Project

The project set out to design and develop well-engineered tools for formative and   summative assessment that expose students’ mathematical knowledge and   reasoning, helping teachers guide them towards improvement and monitor progress.   The tools are relevant to any curriculum that seeks to deepen students' understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their ability to apply that knowledge to non-   routine problems.

 Math Design Collaborative

The Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) brings to mathematics teaching and   learning high-quality instructional tools and professional support services.
A library of more than 700 engaging and challenging mathematics problems, arranged for easy access by topic, with numerous suggestions for using them with students. The problems range from simple visual problems that require no specific mathematical background, to problems that use the content of Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, up into the foothills of calculus. 
Number Sense activity where students estimate the number of objects in the container. Created by Steve Wyborney. 
Number Sense activity where students what is hidden by the ink Splat. The collection includes activities with whole numbers and fractions. Created by Steve Wyborney. 
Number Sense activity where students estimate the number of objects in the container. The number of objects change and students adjust their estimation based on the change. Created by Steve Wyborney. 
Number Sense activity where students visualize the number of cubes used to create a shape. Created by Steve Wyborney. 
A set of four (numbers, objects, pictures, graphs, etc) where students find reason why each one doesn't belong with the rest of the set.
The Mathematical Playground - Free tools, courses and manipulatives to make online learning more interactive and engaging than ever before. Unleash your creativity with the world's best manipulatives!
Asking students to choose a path and justify it with math!
Openers, Games and Tasks
Explore their popular tasks, videos, lessons and professional development. 

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