Mathematical fluency is a cornerstone of not just academic achievement, but of logical and critical thinking in everyday life. Summit Education Service Center recognizes the pivotal role of mathematics in student education. Our comprehensive services are designed to strengthen mathematics instruction, encourage student engagement, and enhance rigor. Students build habits of mind based on the Standards for Mathematical Practice that they will carry into their further education and careers.

Services Offered:

  • Curriculum Alignment and Design

  • Collaborating with districts/schools to develop or refine math curricula that are robust, standards-aligned, and designed to engage students at all levels.

  • Mathematics Materials and Resources Adoption

    • Assistance in the careful selection of math textbooks, digital platforms, and other educational resources that enhance the learning experience.

  • Engaging Instructional Strategies

    • Suggest and support student-centered learning through tasks that promote productive struggle and talk through meaningful mathematical discourse. Teachers will explore NCTM’s Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices to enhance student’s cognitive engagement.

  • Mathematics Assessment Strategies

  • Development and implementation of effective assessment tools and practices to monitor student progress and understanding.

  • Math Intervention and Differentiation

  • Resources and strategies for providing targeted support to students who may be struggling, as well as challenges for those who excel.

Coaching and Collaboration:

Our math consultants are here to provide support at both the district level and directly in classrooms.

  • Hands-on workshops and training sessions focusing on Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics, NCTM’s Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and research-based strategies which lead to long-term retention.

  • Classroom-based coaching for math teachers, aiming to enrich instructional techniques and student engagement.

  • Collaborative sessions for curriculum review and development, integrating innovative practices and real-world problem-solving.

  • Guidance on effective intervention methods and differentiated instruction to cater to the diverse needs of students.

Professional Development

  • Workshops on aligning curriculum with current mathematics standards and research-based instructional practices.
  • Deep dives into effective assessment creation, implementation, and analysis in the math classroom.
  • Strategies for recognizing students' individual needs and providing targeted support or advanced challenges.

Upcoming Mathematic Events

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Stephen Miller
Math Content Consultant
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Susan Huth
Math Content Consultant
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