Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate serves as a guiding beacon for educational institutions, detailing the foundational knowledge, skills, and dispositions students should acquire by graduation. Through collaboration, we help districts craft unique portrayals of their ideal graduates, highlighting qualities that ensure readiness for life beyond academics.

We have provided this service to the following school districts.
- Tallmadge City Schools
- Coventry Local School District
- Windham Exempted Village School District
- Springfield City School District
- Norton City Schools

Recent Projects

Coventry Local Schools

“We completed our Journey of a Comet as our portrait last year I cannot say enough about the help, guidance and collaboration offered by Jeff and the ESC staff to lead us to our finished products.”

Don Schenz

Curriculum Director 

Coventry Local Schools

Windham Exempted Village Schools

“The team from the ESC was a great resource for our Portrait of a Graduate work.  They got all stakeholders involved in the process and helped guide us through the process to create something that we are all proud of and now incorporate into our daily routines at Windham.”

Aireane Curtis


Windham Exempted Village School

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