Lifting Leaders

A Job-Alike Network Designed Especially for You

Embarking on a new career step? Moving from an assistant role to the helm? Dive into the Lifting Leaders series, spotlighting topics like Aspiring Superintendents, Treasurers Cohort, and the Women's Network. Our unique platform not only offers an unparalleled networking experience but also brings guest speakers and panelists from across Ohio. These industry trailblazers share their expertise, recount their journeys, and divulge the secrets to their success. Designed especially for professionals like you, this series is the springboard to catapult you forward in your career. Join us, connect, and be inspired to elevate your professional trajectory.

Lifting Leaders is committed to cultivating the next generation of treasurers, providing specialized training and mentorship tailored to this crucial role. Our discussions equip aspiring treasurers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate complex financial landscapes and lead school districts with fiscal responsibility and vision.

Launching Leaders

Are you contemplating your next career move? Delve deep into potential roles and envision your future in leadership.

  • What: Single sessions exploring various leadership roles

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

  • When: After school hours, from 4 PM - 5:30 PM over Zoom

  • Why: Learn about roles like Principal or Assistant Superintendent from those currently in those positions, and decide if this career path aligns with your goals.

Linking Leaders

Connect with peers in similar roles, and navigate the professional landscape with collective intelligence.

  • What: Monthly meet-ups in confidential settings

  • How: 'Ideas in a basket' sessions and role-based groups

  • Who: Job-alike attendees, such as all principals or all department heads

  • Why: Benefit from shared experiences and collective wisdom to solve real-world challenges.

Illuminating Leaders

Building Principals, this is your chance to shine a light on pressing topics, based on what you truly want to explore.

  • What: Sessions for current building principals

  • When: Once every 9 weeks

  • How: Topics are chosen based on survey data

  • Why: Gather valuable insights even if you weren’t initially interested—40 previous requests from non-attendees!

Women’s Leadership Network

The Women's Leadership Network is a monthly gathering focused on empowering women to ascend to pivotal roles in school systems, organizations, and governmental capacities. Our goal is to carve out significant opportunities for women, ensuring they are well-prepared to take on key leadership positions.

Esteemed members Jennifer Felker, Superintendent at the ESC of the Western Reserve; Aireane Curtis, Superintendent at the Windham Exempted Village; and Christina Dinklocker of Summit ESC proudly represent our community at the state level for the Women's Leadership Committee under the esteemed Buckeye Association for School Administrators. Their combined vision and expertise underline the Network's commitment to championing women in leadership. Join us in this mission to uplift and pave the way for the next wave of women leaders.

Upcoming Lifting Leaders Events

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