World Language Education and Consulting

Embracing the vast tapestry of global languages is key to nurturing culturally proficient students. Summit Education Service Center stands at the forefront of world language education, offering a range of services tailored to elevate language learning and appreciation. Through our specialized consulting, we pave the way for institutions to craft enriching, engaging, and effective world language programs.

Coaching and Collaboration

Our world language specialists are dedicated to offering hands-on support both at the district level and in the classroom.
  • Collaborative efforts with institutions to design or refine world language curricula.
  • Workshops focusing on best practices in language instruction and cultural integration.
  • In-classroom coaching to bolster teaching techniques and student engagement.
  • Guidance on incorporating technology and multimedia into language lessons for enriched learning experiences.

Services Offered

  • Curriculum Design and Adaptation: Crafting and refining world language curricula that align with contemporary educational standards and goals.
  • Textbook/Materials Adoption: Guiding institutions in the selection of authentic, impactful language learning materials to foster true linguistic and cultural competence.
  • Integrated Cultural Immersion Techniques: Implementing teaching methods that emphasize cultural understanding and appreciation, ensuring students not only learn the language but the heart of its people.
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Language Learning: Offering tools and strategies to assess linguistic competence, ensuring learners are on the right track and making tangible progress.

Professional Development

  • Intensive training on innovative language teaching methodologies.
  • Exploring the integration of culture in language teaching and how it enhances learner engagement.
  • Best practices for evaluating and assessing student progress in language acquisition.
  • Strategies for selecting and utilizing language learning materials for maximum effectiveness.

Lucia Heddleson
Lucia Heddleson
English Learner Consultant & World Language Consultant
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