Personalized Learning

To ensure Ohio educators are equipped to implement Personalized Learning, The Ohio Department of Education utilized grant-funding in 2022-2024 to partner with KnowledgeWorks and Personalized Learning Specialists from Educational Service Centers (ESCs) across Ohio to create a framework to support educators at every level. One of those 10 Personalized Learning Specialists, Jake Miller, works right here at Summit ESC.

The Ohio Department of Education defines Personalized Learning as a learner driven approach to education that empowers students to take ownership of their learning. Using this flexible approach, educators help learners:

  • Overcome obstacles to their learning by meeting them where they are, co-constructing goals, supporting learners’ choices and collaboratively monitoring progress.

  • Co-design and facilitate authentic learning pathways, experiences, and assessments, aligned to equitable supports around learners’ needs, interests, aspirations and cultural backgrounds to prepare them for future success.

  • Accelerate learning through innovative evidence-based practices such as mastery and competency-based learning to meet learners where they are, provide them with multiple ways to show what they know, provide purposeful feedback and measure and promote growth.

You can learn more about this in the Ohio Personalized Learning Network’s Framework

Personalized Learning Network

The Ohio Personalized Learning Network is a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering a community of educators driven by the goal of tailoring education to the unique needs of every student. Collaborating closely with Ohio Educational Service Centers, regional specialists, and the expertise of KnowledgeWorks, this network is a nexus for grant-funded professional development opportunities. Together, we strive to transform local educational landscapes by emphasizing methodologies that prioritize and honor the individuality of each learner.


Professional Development

During the 2023-2024 school year, any personalized learning professional development from Jake is grant-funded! Contact Jake to learn more about the variety of learning opportunities that are available, ranging from on-demand online modules to in-person sessions.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:
Jake Miller
Jake Miller
Personalized Learning Consultant
Office: 330-945-5600 x 511311
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