Social Studies

Understanding our world's history, cultures, and societies is fundamental for cultivating well-rounded students. Summit Education Service Center is dedicated to offering a wide range of services in the realm of Social Studies, ensuring adherence to the latest curriculum models and promoting integrated learning.

Coaching and Collaboration

Our specialists offer support both at a district level and in the classroom.

  • Engaging with district teams to optimize and implement pacing guides and curriculum maps.
  • Providing professional development workshops on the integration of literacy and the latest methodologies in Social Studies.
  • Hands-on coaching to enrich the Social Studies learning experience.

Services Offered

  • 2019 Enhanced Model Curriculum Adaptation: Adapting and implementing the updated 2019 Social Studies K-8 curriculum.
  • Textbook/Materials Adoption: Facilitating the process of textbook and material selection in alignment with the 2018 Model Curriculum.
  • Assessment Literacy in Social Studies: HQSD (High-Quality Student Data) focused interventions and practices.
  • Enhancing Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom: Integrated methodologies to promote reading and comprehension within the context of Social Studies.
  • Curriculum Pacing and Mapping: Collaborating with district teams to formulate effective pacing guides and curriculum maps.

Professional Development

  • Curriculum adaptation based on the 2019 Enhanced Model.
  • Best practices in assessment literacy, particularly focusing on HQSD in Social Studies.
  • Techniques and strategies to seamlessly weave literacy into the Social Studies classroom.
  • Workshops on effective textbook and material selection in alignment with contemporary curriculum models.

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Andrea Patt
Curriculum Consultant, RESA, OTES, Social Studies
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