At Summit Education Service Center (ESC), we strive to ignite a passion for science that will enlighten and engage students across all grade levels. Our K-12 Science Consulting services support school districts in enhancing their science education programs, ensuring that they are comprehensive, aligned with state standards, and designed to equip students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed for success in a scientific and technological world.

Innovative Science Education Development

Our approach to science education centers around creating meaningful and relevant learning experiences that encourage students to explore, question, and understand the natural world.

Science Services

  • Curriculum Enhancement and Integration: Collaborating with districts to refine science curricula that are innovative, integrated, and captivating for students at every stage of their education.

  • Resource and Materials Adoption: Aiding in the selection of high-quality science textbooks, digital platforms, and laboratory resources that are essential for a 21st-century science classroom.

  • Inquiry-Based Instructional Strategies: Implementing hands-on, investigative learning approaches to deepen understanding and foster a spirit of scientific inquiry.

  • Effective Science Assessment Strategies: Developing assessment frameworks that provide insightful feedback on student learning and inform ongoing instructional strategies.

  • TEM Connections: Strategizing to integrate science with technology, engineering, and mathematics for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

  • Environmental Education: Embedding principles of sustainability and environmental consciousness into the science curriculum.

Coaching for Excellence in Science Teaching

Our experienced science consultants offer:

  • Targeted Professional Development: Delivering workshops on Science curriculum tied to the Ohio Standards, inquiry-based learning, and emergent science pedagogies.

  • Classroom-Based Coaching: Collaborating with science educators to enhance lesson delivery, increase student engagement, and nurture a classroom culture of scientific exploration.

  • Collaborative Curriculum Planning: Leading team efforts to craft curricula that inspire and challenge students, preparing them for higher education and careers in science.

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