Community and Family Partner Liaison

The Community and Family Parent Liaison (CFPL) is a bridge connecting families with crucial community resources to enhance children’s holistic development. Championing a coalition approach, our CFPL cultivates partnerships within the community to ensure vulnerable youth receive comprehensive support. Additionally, the liaison offers specialized training to school districts, empowering them with best practices in family engagement and holistic child support.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program):

The Triple P- Positive Parenting Program, originating from The University of Queensland's Parenting and Support Center, embodies the principles of positive parenting shaped by feedback from both parents and children. This multi-tiered intervention seeks to fortify positive parenting practices, preventing behavioral and social challenges in children. The program's core mission is to foster parental self-sufficiency, enriching children's social, emotional, and behavioral growth in a nurturing environment.

Parent Cafes

A Parent Café is a supportive space where parents come together for genuine, judgment-free discussions. Through table topics, participants engage in meaningful conversations, reflecting upon and enhancing their parenting techniques. It's a haven where diverse parents unite, sharing insights and finding community strength amidst common challenges.

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Kim Labriola
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