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Supporting Families Who Support Learning

More than ever, families are called to support their children’s learning at home.  Parents are taking on new roles to help their children find success in remote instruction, navigate the challenging times we're all living through, and just get through everyday life.  Across Summit ESC’s departments of Curriculum and Instruction, Student Services, and State Support Team – Region 8, our educational consultants have come together to offer short videos with practical strategies that parents and caregivers can use immediately when helping their children in learning and in life.  

Self-Care and Social-Emotional Support

  • Four Ways to Calm Down and Refocus
    Remote instruction can be tough. Here are four quick and free ways to calm down when frustration kicks in.

  • Top Tools for Behavior Intervention at Home
    Do you have a child displaying behavior concerns? Here are some tools to add to your tool box to decrease day-to-day behaviors.

  • De-escalation Strategies
    Learn how to recognize signs of escalation, and determine how you should respond accordingly. How to work through and de-escalate if needed, and how to keep calm and on task through a behavior and after.

  • Parent and Caregiver Self-Care
    Stressed from teaching you kids at home? Explore these easy self-care strategies to help you relax.

Supports for Diverse Learners

Academic Content Support

Developing a Growth Mindset

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