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School Leadership Selection Service will design a custom  search to find the right leader(s) for your district.  This process involves several steps, which are outlined below.  The searches will be directed by Dr. Christina Dincklocker, Leadership Consultant,  and Joseph Iacano, ESC Superintendent. Both are long time Superintendents  with ties to various professional leadership organizations and to  numerous Superintendents, Treasurers, and administrators throughout the State of Ohio.

We look forward to sharing our search process and proposed timeline with interested districts and boards of education.  Our process will emphasize engagement with the community and customization to meet the desires of the Board.  Keep in mind that our goal is not to find, for you, the best candidate; rather, our goal is to find, with you, the candidate that best fits the needs and the desires of your school district.

Superintendent/Treasurer/Administrator Search Process

Our standard search process is outlined below, but can be modified or customized to meet the specific needs of each District Board of Education.
  1. Build Profile
    This step includes determining what characteristics and traits the board of education would like to see the new Superintendent, Treasurer, or Administrator possess.  Staff and/or community input may be solicited, if the board desires.
  2. Online Brochure Creation
    An online brochure and advertising material will be created.
  3. Advertising and Recruiting
    This step will use the materials and scope of search to advertise the vacancy with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA), Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO), Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA), and all other appropriate educational agencies, including Universities and Colleges.
  4. Receiving and Review of Applications
  5. Initial Interviews
  6. Report and recommendations to the Board
  7. Interview of Semi-finalists
  8. Final interviews
  9. Selection of new Superintendent/Treasurer/Administrator

It is important to emphasize that the board of education can and should be involved in every step of the search for the Superintendent or the Treasurer.  It is the belief of  School Leadership Connection that there is a direct correlation between the degree of the board of education involvement, and the successful selection of a Superintendent or Treasurer. Searches for all other administrative positions typically occur in collaboration with the district Superintendent and/or Human Resources Department.

Recent Searches:

  • 2017 Norton City Schools (Superintendent)
  • 2017 Revere Local Schools (Treasurer)
  • 2018 Cuyahoga Falls City Schools
  • 2018 Portage Lakes Career Center
  • 2019 Coventry Local Schools
  • 2020 Coventry Local Schools
  • 2020 Waterloo Local Schools (Superintendent)
  • 2020 Chippewa Local Schools

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:

Joseph Iacano Joseph Iacano
(330) 945-5600 x513910
[email protected]
Bob Wolf Bob Wolf
Director of Human Resources, Business Management and Technology
(330) 945-5600 x513913
[email protected]
Dr. Tina Dinklocker Dr. Tina Dinklocker
Leadership Services
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